hi hi every one! ^^

Ok then, this is my first posting in my new blog..Just wanna say hi to you all *\(^^)/*

I have ever had some blogs before, but all of them end by deleted. I don't really know why, may be it's just because I don't know what I wanna write about, or just lazy with writing? But I decided to make a new one, hope this will work well *finger cross*. Just like the title "play fun with beauty and food", in this blog I wanna share about my hobbies playing with make up and cooking ^^
I like doing make up because I think it's fun to do. I'm a huge fan of smokey eyes look because it looks hot and strong! but I won't use it for my daily look..too intense to be every day look lol. For my everyday make up I love using bold eyeliner and clean eyelid without any eyeshadow because it makes my eyes stand out and sharp. I will just using my nude pink or peach lipstick to complete it! I also use light foundation and very sheer beige powder. 

In this blog I will write about make up, skin care, fotd, ootd and other things about beauty stuff. I love cooking too! I love and enjoy my time to cook something even it's just boiling water hha. I love to try out new recipe or just try the recipe that I got from somewhere in internet or books. And I love to eat and taste new meals also! And you guys should know why I always be the chubby girl lol. I'll write and share about eeeeveeerrythiingggss about meals also haha. I think it's fun if I share it to you all. 

Don't expect too much guys because I'm not the expert one ^.^, but I would love to share something that I love. I hope you enjoy reading my blog ^^

XOXO Kiky ;)

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